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Sale NFL Jerseys East Canje

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Family suspects foul playInvestigations are ongoing into the death of an employee of the H. Nauth and Sons Civil Engineering Contractors Company. The man was found dead in a trench at the work site at Black Bush Polder where the company is undertaking road construction works in the No. 43 Village/ Yakusari area.Timothy Simon’s soaked paraphernaliaAccording to family members, Timothy Simon, called ‘Pakaloo’, 23, of Adelphi, East Canje,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, Berbice, has been working with the company for more than five years.According to his sister, Theresa Cadogan,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, her brother lives with her mother,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Debbie Simon, a weeder at the Rose Hall Estate,Cheap Jerseys From China, in their modest home. She said that her mother who was too distraught to speak, told them that she had just returned from work around 14:30 hrs when she was visited by personnel from the company who broke the news to her.Theresa stated that the family was told that her brother died by drowning. However they do not believe what they were told. She said that they were informed that Timothy and about seven others were working at a site at Black Bush. Timothy was asleep and the others were swimming. She said that they were told that Timothy suddenly awoke and told the others that they cannot do what he could do and jumped into the trench. Reports revealed that the workers told them that the man swam to the one end and was on his way to the other side when he suddenly disappeared.His colleagues said that after not seeing Timothy, they dived and retrieved him.  He was not moving and had mud in his nose. The men said that they tried CPR, but it did not work.He was taken to the Skeldon hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.  Relatives said they were told that when Timothy was found he had on his underwear only.Further, the family is disputing the account of the company and that of his work mates. They said that they are not satisfied with the work of the police.Family friend,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Allison Bess, told the media that after her relative broke the news to her they travelled to the area.  They were given Timothy’s work bag which contained his belongings. The bag and everything inside was soaked and “dinged up.” However,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, his green jersey he was wearing when he left home was missing and no one could give an account for it.The family is asking a number of searching questions which nobody is answering. Would he go swimming with all of his clothes on? If not, how come his clothes got soaked?  How come he was found with his underwear alone? Where is his missing green jersey?They said what was more shocking is that when they saw Timothy at the Skeldon hospital his one hand was holding on to his underwear and he had mud in his nose. If they had done CPR, how come mud was still in his nose? Relatives are also claiming that he had some strange marks on his neck.They family stated that they are not satisfied with the information they were fed by the company so far and with the investigation done by the police. They say that something does not seem right and they are prepared to go the full length to get justice.According to information, a number of the man’s workmates were arrested and released.Investigations are continuing.
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