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–    says officers did best to rescue inmatesDeputy Director of Prisons, Senior Superintendent Gladwin Samuels yesterday categorically rejected claims that he had given the orders which led to the death of 17 inmates of the Georgetown Prisons. The men perished in a fire during what was described as one of the worst prison riots in the nation’s history.Deputy Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels testifying yesterday at the COIThose victims and at least eight other injured inmates were allegedly trapped in raging flames in the Capital ‘A’ Block of the Camp Street Prison.Following the incident, several damning accusations of misconduct were leveled against Samuels,Cheap Air Max Tn Shoes, a prison official with years of experience under his belt. The Deputy Director was sent on leave with immediate effect, in light of a number of alleged transgressions against prisoners.Yesterday, Samuels testified before the Commission of Inquiry (COI) established to look into the incident. During his testimony before the three-member tribunal at the Ministry of the Presidency’s Department of Public Service on Waterloo Street, the prison official firmly dismissed claims by the inmates that he had instructed that the men be left inside the building to burn.The Deputy Director‘s evidence in chief was led by Attorney for the joint services, Selwyn Pieters. Samuels supplied the commission with information on his qualifications and experience, including all his training as a prison officer.He told the panel that he currently holds a Degree in Social Work and is about to complete his Masters in Public Management. Thus, the official claimed his strict style of management at the prison would have led to the untrue accounts given by prisoners, but ultimately his goal is to make the prison a better place.In response to questions by Attorney Pieters, Samuels said that there are prisoners who know the truth about the March 3 incident, but many might be afraid of being attacked and victimized by their fellow inmates for telling the truth in his defence.The witness noted that in his opinion such persons would only come forward if they are offered permanent residence in the United States and were allowed to stay there for the remainder of their lives.Recalling the day of the tragedy, Samuels said that he had left Georgetown for Mazaruni Prison the previous day,Nike Air Max Shoes For Women, but the acting Director of Prisons informed him of the growing ruckus at Camp Street and instructed him to return to Georgetown, since his efforts were needed in the operation.Samuels recounted that upon his return to the Georgetown Prison Compound,Cheap Air Max 90, he noticed a number of inmates had been moved from Capital B section, where they were confined after a riot and fire occurred on the previous night.He recalled members of the task force struggling to remove a prisoner who protested,Jordan Shoes For Sale, and a hole in the partition wall which separated Capital A and Capital B blocks of the prisons. He said that prison officers worked relentlessly to put out the first fire in the building. But after that fire was extinguished, prisoners at Capital A block became extremely riotous and began to protest also.Samuels noted that shortly after,Cheap Air Max 2018, thick black smoke and fire was emanated from the cell. The official testified that efforts were immediately made to unlock the doors of Capital A and let the prisoners out, but the attempts were futile.According to the witness,Nike NFL Jerseys China, after efforts to use the keys to unlock the doors failed, a civilian worker attached to the prison was instructed to use a power cutter to cut the lock, but this method was also unsuccessful.The witness told the tribunal that the man complained the metal was too hot for him to cut through. Samuels said that sometime after the fire department arrived and began their efforts with the assistance of prison officers.At this point, he recalled, prisoners began shouting that he (Samuels) was the cause of the men’s demise; they accused him of commanding the other officers to lock the doors while the men perished inside.Samuels said that he left the prison yard after police’ A’ Division Commander Clifton Hicken told him that it was best he left the compound to ease the rising tension.Samuels was adamant that he did not allow the men to perish in a fire and further noted that no tear gas was used during the riot nor did any of the prison officers, including himself, use their firearms.He claimed that the untrue accounts submitted to the commission and published in the media have significantly damaged his reputation and shed a negative light on his immediate family members.“Persons who know me would give a different account of me”, Samuels emphasised.The prison official claimed that his efforts prevented many revolts within the prison; some of the riotous outbursts being led by Collis Collison whom he described as “the usual ring leader”.Samuels also spoke of attempts by prisoners to sneak in guns, ammunition, marijuana and other contraband into the prison yard. He explained that the items are thrown over the prison fence and recalled one case in which a prisoner had concealed two large packages of marijuana in his anus in an attempt to sneak it into the jailhouse.
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